In deep water

Protest, anger and controversy at the BP Annual General Meeting: "This is the last chance to hold the company accountable."

15 April 2011

New Internationalist

‘Safe for use’ – but not in Canada

Last week a delegation from the Asian Ban Asbestos Network, including cancer victims and widows, travelled from their homes in Indonesia, India and elsewhere to ask the Quebec government not to revive a dying industry that has brought cancer and death to millions of people around the world.

13 December 2010

New Internationalist

Peasants cool the planet

"A lot of NGOs who talk about climate change are only thinking about polar bears and trees – they are not familiar with how people’s lives are impacted. This is something that is, unfortunately, often missing from the broader environmental movement."

8 December 2010

New Internationalist

Thrown away

One week it’s a farmer’s field, and the next it’s a teeming mass of people, tents, stages, toilets, kitchens and bars. British music festivals are some of the biggest parties on the planet, so naturally they can leave a bit of a mess behind. Zoe Cormier looks at the clean up.

1 November 2010

Access All Areas

A lethal injection

The Quebec government in Canada has given a life-saving injection to a bankrupt mine so it may continue producing one of the most dangerous and carcinogenic substances ever known.

13 September 2010

New Internationalist

Workers of the world, relax

Some people work to live, others live to work. But the logic of growth means we produce more stuff with more efficient technology and less labour. So why not share those productivity gains in the form of less work?

1 July 2010

New Internationalist

Shell shut down

At a time when expansion of the sands looks more certain than ever, some feel the need to express dissent more necessary than ever.

21 May 2010

New Internationalist

Copenhagen’s Climate Control Circus

Copenhagen accomplished nothing, but did at least signify something: the political process isn’t working, and local and individual efforts are not just important solutions but — for now — the only solutions.

11 February 2010

Point Of View

Reality bites

The week of futile talks in Copenhagen has demonstrated unequivocally that climate change is an issue of social justice and human rights - and not merely a “scientific” or “environmental” concern.

17 December 2009

New Internationalist

The new enviro-guilt: water footprints

Now that you've figured out how to reduce your carbon impact, another global problem is emerging. We may see a future in which everyday items will be labelled with the amount of water required to produce them

11 December 2009

The Globe and Mail