What are three-parent babies?

The first baby conceived using a controversial technique has been born in Mexico, but how does it work and are we at the dawn of the GM babies?

27 September 2016

BBC Focus

Orangutan > Me

I expected to smell better than two boys who had not washed for 40 days. I did not expect to be deemed less attractive than an orangutan.

17 August 2011

Guerilla Science

‘Safe for use’ – but not in Canada

Last week a delegation from the Asian Ban Asbestos Network, including cancer victims and widows, travelled from their homes in Indonesia, India and elsewhere to ask the Quebec government not to revive a dying industry that has brought cancer and death to millions of people around the world.

13 December 2010

New Internationalist

A lethal injection

The Quebec government in Canada has given a life-saving injection to a bankrupt mine so it may continue producing one of the most dangerous and carcinogenic substances ever known.

13 September 2010

New Internationalist

Can hookworms cure allergies?

Some chronic allergy sufferers are infecting themselves with hookworm parasites to treat their symptoms. Does this therapy have merit or is it just an icky fad?

2 July 2010

Best Health

Over the moon (cup)?

Every woman who uses one swears by it: silicone or latex menstrual cups. But what if you just don’t like the bloody things?

14 January 2010

Axis Of Eco

Canada accused

If more than 40 countries have banned the use of white asbestos (also known as chrysotile, the only kind still used), where is it all going?

23 September 2009

New Internationalist

Dismissed and undiagnosed

Sufferers visit gynecologists, urologists and naturopaths in search of relief - only to be told it's 'all in their heads.' But chronic vulvar pain is real, medical researchers say, and it may affect one in six women

2 December 2008

The Globe and Mail

Lightning Process

A new alternative remedy that proponents say can cure a wide spectrum of emotional conditions — and a few physical ones as well — is going to be offered in Canada for the first time this spring.

18 April 2008


Into the light

A new therapy rescues a bedridden girl from the dark: "Talk therapy" takes on chronic fatigue syndrome, coming soon to Canada

8 March 2008

The Globe and Mail

Do No Harm

What would you do if your doctor groped your breast after you had gone to see him about your throat?

1 February 2008