How Men Are Biohacking Multiple Orgasms

Is the male multiple orgasm achievable through drugs, technology—or something else entirely?

23 April 2016

The Daily Beast

“It’s pretty rare—but it does happen,” says Dr. Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University, who published a landmark study in the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy in 1998 describing a man who experienced six full “ejaculatory orgasms” in 30 minutes without going soft.

He conducted the research with Dr. Beverly Whipple, the scientist famed for proving the existence of the G Spot, and freelance writer Brent Myers, who introduced Komisaruk and Whipple to the exceptional man in question.

He was the first ever described in a scientific paper who could climax, ejaculate, remain hard—and keep going. Prior to this, all scientific studies—including those released by famed sex researchers Masters & Johnson—claimed that repeated ejaculatory orgasmswithout a “refractory period” (read: a limp period for recharging) were next to impossible.