The Unselfish Gene

Are humans really a selfish species ruled by competition and self-interest? Zoe Cormier surveys the ideas of recent thinkers who argue that biology and evolution prove we are natural co-operators.

1 July 2012

New Internationalist

Illuminating Life

Since its discovery 50 years ago, Green Fluorescent Protein has become one of the most useful tools in biology.

1 July 2012

BBC Focus

Orangutan > Me

I expected to smell better than two boys who had not washed for 40 days. I did not expect to be deemed less attractive than an orangutan.

17 August 2011

Guerilla Science

Bacterial Culture

On the outside: a sleek and smooth white briefcase, sporting a bright silver handle, cheerfully labeled “E. chromi” in a cursive font, each letter a different colour of the rainbow. On the inside: an assortment of stool samples, each also brightly spotted in a different colour of the rainbow, cushioned neatly into white pockets for easy examination.

25 April 2011

Toronto Standard

Hygiene Hypothesis: London’s Feast of Filth

“Please put your genitals on the table.” Epidemiologist and author Elizabeth Pisani was speaking to a crowd of 60 diners sitting beneath the gilded iron arches of a Victorian sewage pumping station. “No, you cannot trade your genitals with your neighbour — you have to take the genitals you are given.”

6 April 2011

Toronto Standard

Surgery of the Soul

Over the eyeball, under the eyelid, and straight on till morning: Lobotomy techniques, past and present, for the alleviation of psychosis, delusions, and emotional distress.

30 November 2010

Guerilla Science

Guerilla Guest Blog

Summertime means music festival season for many, but revellers at some of this year’s events may encounter science alongside the singing

18 August 2010

The Wellcome Trust

Pulse Podcast

You can hear me on the Pulse Podcast as the guest journalist for an hour-long discourse on bird migrations, gorilla play tactics and lots more this week in science.

28 July 2010


Science sceptics

'We've wasted 20 years when we should have been tackling the problem of climate change instead we wasted our time debating with deniers.'

4 November 2009

New Internationalist

Toxic planet

Melting ice-caps and rising sea-levels tell us the writing is on the wall. But the poisons in our bodies tell us that it is also written in our blood. The air, water, land – and consequently our bodies – are suffused with deadly chemicals. The solution to toxic pollution, like climate change, is not technology but sustainability.

1 October 2009

New Internationalist

Canada accused

If more than 40 countries have banned the use of white asbestos (also known as chrysotile, the only kind still used), where is it all going?

23 September 2009

New Internationalist

Under the microscope

Suspicion and distrust of modern 'science' is widespread. But it is not 'science' that is to be criticized, but rather the way that it is used. 'Science' is not good or bad, racist or sexist, biased or unbiased. People are, and it is people who conduct science.

2 September 2009

New Internationalist

Fusion confusion

It is one of the most expensive scientific endeavours ever undertaken, heralded as the harbinger of a new age of clean, safe, and almost limitless energy. But if the main purpose of the NIF is not actually to produce clean energy, but 'To ensure the continuing reliability of the nuclear weapons stockpile,' why are news outlets - from The Guardian to The New York Times - brushing this under the carpet?

10 August 2009

New Internationalist

A fishy business

Are whales beaching themselves more than they used to? And could we be to blame? The answer to both questions appears to be a resounding yes.

5 June 2009

New Internationalist