The Unselfish Gene

Are humans really a selfish species ruled by competition and self-interest? Zoe Cormier surveys the ideas of recent thinkers who argue that biology and evolution prove we are natural co-operators.

1 July 2012

New Internationalist

Illuminating Life

Since its discovery 50 years ago, Green Fluorescent Protein has become one of the most useful tools in biology.

1 July 2012

BBC Focus

Is the BBC dumbing down?

Natural History on the BBC has taken a drastic departure from its unabashedly nerdy roots. And what about that episode on climate change that was canned?

25 November 2011

Toronto Standard

The Reel McCoy

In an age when our lives are steeped in pixels, photographs created with traditional techniques can’t help but be striking.

23 November 2011

Toronto Standard

Returning to Leslieville

The scale of the changes seen in the neighbourhood can be overwhelming, especially for someone who grew up there and returns intermittently from abroad. Assessing Leslieville then and now.

21 October 2011

Toronto Standard

Orangutan > Me

I expected to smell better than two boys who had not washed for 40 days. I did not expect to be deemed less attractive than an orangutan.

17 August 2011

Guerilla Science

English Lessons

Welcome to the strange experience of the English music festival, a five-day endurance test of rain, music, chemicals and costumes.

28 July 2011

Toronto Standard

Bacterial Culture

On the outside: a sleek and smooth white briefcase, sporting a bright silver handle, cheerfully labeled “E. chromi” in a cursive font, each letter a different colour of the rainbow. On the inside: an assortment of stool samples, each also brightly spotted in a different colour of the rainbow, cushioned neatly into white pockets for easy examination.

25 April 2011

Toronto Standard

In deep water

Protest, anger and controversy at the BP Annual General Meeting: "This is the last chance to hold the company accountable."

15 April 2011

New Internationalist

Hygiene Hypothesis: London’s Feast of Filth

“Please put your genitals on the table.” Epidemiologist and author Elizabeth Pisani was speaking to a crowd of 60 diners sitting beneath the gilded iron arches of a Victorian sewage pumping station. “No, you cannot trade your genitals with your neighbour — you have to take the genitals you are given.”

6 April 2011

Toronto Standard